Tool Overview:

The goal for this tool is pretty simple: connect external specification data into our ARCHICAD documentation processes.

The response from our BimBakery® development team was to investigate the revit keynote data structure (via TXT) and explore the potential of creating a similar tool through ARCHICAD’s GDL functionality.

Once we had sufficiently connected the data via a customized label and schedule object through embedding a TXT file into our project libraries, we realized the need for a more integrated approach that would offer an automated updating process. The response was to tap into ARCHICAD’s property functionality, which offered a methodology for writing the key into any element which filters updates through all ARCHICAD views (Plan, Section, Elevation, Schedule, etc). We think that the result is exciting!

(It is important to note that while your KEY is now written into your element, the connected specification key note remains surface data for documentation purposes).

The tool is now ready for you to give it a test and review if it adds value to your documentation workflows.

We look forward to your feedback.