• BimRecipe™ Design informing Cost extraction

    Building Materials form the fundamental ‘through-line’ foundation of ArchiCAD’s workflow, and automated data extraction.

  • Building Material Strategy

  • Plan view – Tagging process through ArchICAD’s labelling functionality.

  • Schedule Output example


MASTERS OF ARCHICAD SUMMIT – Presentation on BIM RECIPE™ by shawn B hopkins

We invite you to watch the presentation by our very own shawn B hopkins on the BIM RECIPE™ DESIGN BUDGET INDICATOR that was an audience favorite at the recent Masters of ArchiCAD Summit. 

The Summit brought together a dozen ArchiCAD experts from around the world who shared their innovative ideas and decades of experience in a ground-breaking two-day online conference.

Through April 8 there is a special limited time discount allowing you to save $100 on the Summit recordings, a valuable addition to your ArchiCAD reference library. 

1. Visit www.mastersofarchicad.com and click the Register button. 

2. After checking out, you’ll get an instant email with instructions for how to access the Summit recordings. 

Watch shawn’s 60 minute presentation to get an in-depth introduction to the BIM RECIPE concepts and usage. On that page, there is a special link for private access to our current BIM RECIPE tools – which are currently offered exclusively for Summit registrants.