SWARTLAND – Timber doors and Windows

“‘Think Long Term’ guides us in everything we do, from how we make our products, to how we source our raw materials, to the value we place on relationships. Our commitment to increased energy efficiency and environmental sustainability is deeply ingrained.”

specnetlogoSwartland’s SpecNet has been designed by professionals, for professionals, and aims to simplify the specification process. Swartland has worked closely with the Bim Bakery™ team to develop a full range of ArchiCad objects,  and values for the alignment of Swartland’s doors and windows to the Smart-XA™ output.  This system is freely available to all registered users:


Screen Shot 2014-10-02 at 1.05.56 AM


fulfilled the task of the creation and implementation of the ArchiCAD Swartland BIM objects, along with the connection to the Smart-XA™ platform for the alignment of the Swartland tested products to your SANS 10400 XA and 204 output.

All objects can be downloaded from the Clients SPECNET web system.